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Snowboarding Orthotics

Snowboard Orthotics and snowboard custom footbeds are essential for providing a solid footing on a carving or free-riding board. Support under the foot relieves arch strain and enhances steering on the board. Common issues like arch strain, heel pain and forefoot discomfort are addressed with proper foot support and alignment. Snowboard boots provide ample room for orthotics and provide improved warmth.

During the mid stance phase of walking (when the foot is in total contact with the ground) the foot is in a mobile adaptive or flexible condition. It is supposed to pronate to reduce shock to the leg, knee and back. This is the position the foot is in when it is "fixed" inside a ski boot. It is because the foot is flexible inside a ski boot that issues of foot pain and loss of turning efficiency come into play. In a ski turn the foot must bear a load up of to 3 times your body weight for an extended duration. Boot fit problems occur as the foot is forced to pronate (flatten) causing pressure of the foot against the boot shell. Typically this pressure occurs at the base of the little toe (sixth toe syndrome), the navicular and medial malleolus (inside ankle bones), and heel. Also, because the foot is flexible, the muscles and tendons of the foot are "fighting back" to resist the pronatory movement (flattening of the arch) causing aching in the arch and mid-foot. The obvious cure for this foot pain is to provide more architectural support for the foot in the boot.