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Skiing Orthotics

The forces on your feet are enormous when you make a ski turn. These forces cause the foot to flatten, the ankle bones to lower and the leg to rotate toward the other leg (this motion is known as excessive pronation).

Skiing and snowboarding are unusual sports in that in order to best turn the ski, your feet must be extremely stable. A stable foot allows you to transmit force to the ski rapidly and efficiently. Thus, you turn with less effort. This makes skiing easier, more fun and less tiring. In a ski turn, the foot bears a load of 3 times your personal body weight.

Proper boot fit problems arise as the foot is forced to flatten causing pressure of the foot against the boot shell. Generally, this pressure occurs at the base of the little toe, inside ankle bones, and heel. As well, because the foot is flexible, the muscles and tendons of the foot are "fighting back" to resist the flattening of the arch causing the skier pain in the arch and mid-foot.