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Golf Orthotics

Golf is not a contact sport but it still puts enormous demands on the body. Good foot action is the mark of an accomplished golfer.

The feet are the body's foundation and therefore are the most important factor in keeping the body balanced. Although golf does not require quick lateral and vertical movements, it does places pressure on the ankles, hips, and lower back. If any of these parts of the body becomes stressed, balance is compromised and the game deteriorates.

In addition to the stresses caused by the golf swing itself, golfers do a lot of walking in one day; this can take its own toll. Between the swinging and the walking, golfers face numerous challenges to keep balanced and playing well.

If the feet become fatigued or misaligned, the rest of the body is likely to be affected. Our custom made orthotics are designed to help the golfer maintain stability through the golf swing and stamina to walk the course. By supporting and cushioning the foot in the critical areas, which are different for each and every individual, our orthotics will help you maintain stability through your swing and comfort as you walk the course.

For the foot that is not able to function normally due to biomechanical conditions such as excessive pronation (rolling in) or supination (rolling out), a state of optimal biomechanics can be achieved through the use of custom orthoses, custom shoe inserts that can be prescribed by a podiatrist. Orthoses not only allow the feet to function as they ought to but can alleviate the predisposition to injury brought on by biomechanical imbalances.