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Football Orthotics

Football places demands on the body which can frequently lead to injury and frustrating periods of time out of the sport.

Our football orthotics are specifically designed to meet the demands of the game along with being a perfect custom fit for your feet and your football boots.

Our football orthotics are very light and thin but can have as much control over your biomechanics as needed.

The mid foot is reinforced to give extra stability which protects the foot during sudden changes of direction.

The football orthotics can also be used to redistribute pressure away from painful problem areas on the sole of the foot.

Common conditions which footballers suffer from where an orthotic may be beneficial include:

  1. Corns and Blisters - Our football orthotics reduce friction and remove pressure.
  2. Metatargalsia
  3. Plantar Faciitis
  4. Heel Pain
  5. Achilles Tendonitis
  6. Shin Splints
  7. Knee Pain

Controlling your foot posture within your boot can be the key to rehabilitating and preventing these conditions. A full biomechanical assessment, gait analysis, and pressure plate studies by our podiatrists will give a thorough assessment to see if orthotics would benefit you.

Sprinting, jumping and quick direction changes will test even the healthiest players. Professional footballers have been prescribed orthotics as part of their rehabilitation and prevention strategies over the past two decades.

Premiership football clubs use the services of Podiatrists to screen the biomechanics of players and produce orthotics.