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Orthotics Clinic local to Carrbrook

The clinic is an award winning Podiatry and Physiotherapy clinic offering same day custom made orthotics to people around the North West of England.

The clinic provides orthotics for many foot conditions and problems and orthotics can be customised to accomodate many sporting activities.

Our orthotics are specific to many sporting activites, and our podiatrists recognise the differing needs of each sport and the orthotics are designed and fitted with this in mind.

Directions to the Orthotics Clinic from Carrbrook

  1. Starting your journey from Buckton Vale Road in the centre of Carrbrook, take a left at the roundabout at the bottom of Buckton Vale Road onto Huddersfield Road.
  2. Follow Huddersfield Road from Carrbrook, through Millbrook and Copley, towards Stalybridge.
  3. You will come to a set of traffic lights at the end of Huddersfield Road.
  4. Get into the far left hand lane and turn left onto Mottram Road.
  5. On Mottram Road take the right hand lane to the next set of Traffic Lights.
  6. At the traffic lights turn right onto Acres Lane.
  7. Follow Acres Lane past Tesco, which will appear on your right hand side.
  8. Continue onto High Street and through the traffic lights at the junction with Caroline Street.
  9. At the next set of traffic lights you will see a small shopping precinct on your left hand side.
  10. At the traffic lights get into the left hand lane and turn left onto Cheetham Hill Road.
  11. Follow the road around and Davenport House is situated on the right hand side just after the first bend in the road.

If you need any help with any of the directions from Carrbrook or any other destination please do not hesitate to contact us.