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What is Tendonitis?

The primary cause of tendonitis is over pronation. This can be controlled with orthotics. Tendonitis in the foot is a common problem amongst hard working people.

Symptoms include pain in the in step of the foot, especially along the course of the tendon. Pain and swelling behind the inner ankle bone may be present and there also may be burning, tingling, shooting or stabbing pain present in the foot. This is due to the inflammation of the nerve that surrounds the tendon.

Pain will be increased while walking, which will be more severe at the end of the day. The patient may also experience pain when their foot is pushed up towards their body. If the tendon is ruptured, there may be a pronounced flat foot deformity. If a patient is asked to stand on their toes, intense pain will be present in the arch of the foot.

What causes Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is a classic overuse injury and affects a particular tendon in the foot, the posterior tibial tendon. This tendon helps to hold the arch of the foot and prevents your feet from rolling in too much.

How can orthotics help?

Clinical studies and field research verify the value of orthotics in relieving tendonitis and improving structural integrity. Flexible orthotics control foot and leg motion without restricting function and creating compensatory movement in other structures.