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Lumbosacral Pain

What causes Lumbosacral pain?

Lumbosacral pain (lower back pain) is caused due to muscular tightness in the lower region of the back.

Unfortunately, this condition is very common and like many other foot problems is the result of having an excessively pronated foot (the feet become misaligned and combined with poor posture roll inwards to gain ground contact, the arches become flattened). Excessive pronation of the feet will cause the legs to internally rotate and in turn can lead to anterior tilt of the pelvis and a forward change of the bodies centre of gravity. This results in poor posture with abnormal compensatory muscle tightness and pain in the lumbosacral region of the back.

How can orthotics help?

The most effective means of treating lumbosacral pain is to wear orthotic insoles. These will help to improve the bodies posture and reduce the muscle tightness and pain in the lumbosacral region by controlling excess pronation of the feet, limiting the internal rotation of the legs and limiting anterior tilt of the pelvis.