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Knee Pain

How can orthotics help?

Orthotics can improve knee pain in a number of ways:

  1. They can change the distribution of force through the foot and ankle, which can result in a change in the distribution of force through the knee.
  2. They can act as cushions to reduce the force through the foot and ankle, which can result in a reduction of force through the knee.
  3. They can change the alignment of the foot and ankle, which can result in a change of alignment at the knee.

Orthotics for knee pain can be a very effective treatment. There are several reasons why orthotics work to help eliminate knee pain. One reason is that orthotics will change the force distribution through your ankle and foot, which will change the force distribution through your knee as well.

Orthotics may also help knee pain by cushioning the force through your ankle and foot, and this has the same result of cushioning the force on the knee. Orthotics can also help change the alignment of your foot, ankle, and knee. This sometimes will help eliminate or significantly reduce knee pain. Orthotics can be made from a wide range of materials, depending upon the reason they are being used. If they are being used for cushioning, then the material will be soft or foamy. For stability, the orthotics will be semi rigid but will still provide some shock absorption. If you need orthotics that offer maximum stability and support, then rigid orthotics are available.

Whether you have orthotics custom made or buy them premade, they should fit most shoes easily. It will take some time to adjust to them, usually two or three weeks and if afterwards they continue to cause discomfort then the orthotics may need to be adjusted. There are some disadvantages of using orthotics for knee pain. These devices will not fit in all shoe types. Some people have discomfort during the break in period, but this normally goes away within three weeks. For some people, the material that covers the orthotics may cause an irritation of their skin. Price can also be a disadvantage of orthotics, as they can be expensive, and softer materials will wear out quicker, which means replacing more often so more expense is required.

To decide whether orthotics can help with your knee pain, a doctor may require you to see a physiotherapist if your doctor does not specialize in knee pain. Physiotherapists, and doctors who specialize in knee problems and pain, will examine you and may do some tests if they feel they are necessary. Orthotics may be advised and if they are needed, the medical specialist can tell you which type would work best. Knee pain can be very frustrating, and orthotics can help to eliminate or significantly reduce the pain.